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We shake the hand of our farmers!

Our farmers are key to what we do.  It is important to know where our coffee comes from, who is farming it and how they are farming it. They all have amazing stories of how their coffee is helping communities.

Byron helps with his employee's education through a post-secondary fund. Diego has planted over 40 churches in Nicaragua as well as taking care of all his workers from housing to food for each family.

Take a look at the videos below to learn more.


We met Diego, a coffee farmer, in January of 2019, after watching his video on YouTube, we felt that we needed to go to Nicaragua to meet him.  After figuring out all the logistics we booked flights for Jesse, and our friend Sem to take a trip to Nicaragua.  This trip was based on one quick phone call to Diego and trusting things would go okay once they arrived.  The week before the trip a friend called and he blessed Kingdom Coffee with $10000 to purchase coffee from Diego.  The trip to Nicaragua was amazing.  Jesse and Sem were able to stay on Diego’s farm for a week and see the inner workings of a coffee plantation.  Diego has several families living on the plantation that work for him.  His employees are treated well and he funds the cost of their food every day.  Over the week that we stayed with Diego we build a friendship with him, his family and a number of his employees that will stay strong for years to come.  Kingdom Coffee is the first coffee company in Canada that has Café Diego coffee beans, and we are proud to have a direct relationship with our coffee bean provider.  


Diego’s coffee is grown in the mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  Diego is the owner of his family ran the farm, which has been passed down over many generations.  His coffee is grown at an altitude of over 5500 feet.  Diego’s coffee is a specialty grade on a 300-hectare farm.  The farm produces about 160,000 pounds of organic green coffee beans.


On our trip to Nicaragua to meet Diego, through a chain of new friendships and contacts we meet a coffee farmer named Byron Corrales.  When Jesse and Sem met Byron, Jesse felt he needed to pray.  Jesse encouraged everyone to gather around and hold hands. As they were praying a cloud covered the sun and a wind came and cooled the air and dried the sweat from their foreheads.  Jesse and Sem told Bryon how kingdom Coffee uses coffee to love people and help them through their struggles. Bryon generously gave Kingdom Coffee a 152 lb. bag of his best coffee for free to give away to those who are struggling with addiction and homelessness.  Byron helps put some of his employees through school and university.


“I was 7 years old when my grandfather taught me to plant my first coffee tree. I liked to look at the sun coming through the trees, to share the lessons my grandfather taught me about the growth of plants, and watch the rainfall and surrounded by the scent of the earth. I listened to the song of the birds and rode my horse to school every morning. 42 years have passed in my life since then and I want to transmit our family’s art, our work of many years, discovering the flavors we’ve learned to bring forth from our mountains, expressed in this cup by way of respect for our environment and the songs we sing every day in our coffee farm.

I talk every day with my plants, and they ask me who will consume each bean of our production and in this moment when you are tasting our coffee, I want to talk with you and tell you in silence that you are contributing to the conservation of our planet, that this cup has come from the Arenal Forest Reserve, that its flavor that you’re tasting on your palate is the expression of life and the life energy of all the living beings who live in our community. Now we are together in embraced by this moment celebrating with joy the responsibility of protecting the future of our generations.

The cup of responsibility is a song of love.”

— Byron Jose Corrales Martinez

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